“Sean McCollough has that X factor - his music is joyful, engaging, sweet, creative, illuminating, and memorable, and rises to the top overtime. It worms its way into your ears, and lifts your heart. I love Sean’s voice, and I love his take on the world. Like the classic children’s and family music you already love, this music will keep both the adults and the kids happily singing along on repeated listenings. Prepare for a wonderful new addition to the soundtrack of your family’s life!" 

     ~ Award-winning children's musician Billy Jonas 

"Earworm is a collection of earworms from start to finish" 

     ~ Americana Highways 

 "Earworm is a wonderful and quirky album that is fun for the whole family." 

     ~ BookwormBev 

Sean McCollough's Earworm release taps into the deep musical heritage of East Tennessee's native folk and Americana traditions, while not being too precious about it. Using real musicians who can really play, the songs are educational and FUN! And yes these tunes DO stick in your head. From the land that brought us the Carter Family, McCollough builds on that history and expands it. 

     ~ Jason Ringenberg (aka Farmer Jason) 

"It's music that doesn't sound prefabricated or condescending, tunes that can be enjoyed by all ages even if the target audience is kids." 

      - Steve Wildsmith (Maryville Daily Times) 

"His educational programs for children are innovative, fun and engaging and his versatile performances are interactive and exciting for children and adults of all ages." 

     - Mary Anne Damos, Director, Oak Ridge Children's Museum 

"It's McCollough's jubilant, brightly colored vision running through it all that makes the disc a small wonder." 
     - Mathew Everett (Metro Pulse record review) 

"Sean is a gifted and highly skilled musician with a heart that connects with the heart of the child in us all." 

      - Karan Dotson, Senior Branch Assistant, Norwood Branch Library 
        (formerly Programs Coordinator at Jubilee Community Arts) 

"Sean was just really in tune with the needs of these children. They've probably never been that close to that much talent." 

     - Pam Haaby, Kindergarten Teacher, John Sevier School (Maryville, TN) 

"One of the highlights of our trips to Tremont [Great Smokey Mountain Institute] is Sean's performance" 

     - Debbie Wheeler, High School Science Teacher (Sayre School, Lextington, KY) 

"I could not believe the ease with which Sean was able to engage students in the song-writing process (even 7th and 8th graders)." 

     - Pat Swartz, Social Studies Teacher (Chucky Elementry, Chucky, TN)