Welcome to my website! This site focuses on my music for children, families and schools. If you are interested in my "grown-up" music, check out The Lonetones. If you're looking for Sean McCollough, the musicology instructor,  you can find me at the University of Tennessee. 

     - Sean

“Sean McCollough has that X factor - his music is joyful, engaging, sweet, creative, illuminating, and memorable, and rises to the top overtime. It worms its way into your ears, and lifts your heart. I love Sean’s voice, and I love his take on the world. Like the classic children’s and family music you already love, this music will keep both the adults and the kids happily singing along on repeated listenings. Prepare for a wonderful new addition to the soundtrack of your family’s life!"

     ~ Award-winning children's musician Billy Jonas

“From the planning phase all the way to the school performances, he went above and beyond to make his residencies an enjoyable and unique learning experience for all! Most importantly, the kids loved him and learned a lot from his hands on and personal approach. I would definitely recommend Sean McCollough for your school!” 

     - Rob Huffaker, Music Teacher, Mount Olive Elementary School

"Sean was just really in tune with the needs of these children. They've probably never been that close to that much talent." 

     - Pam Haaby, Kindergarten Teacher, John Sevier School (Maryville, TN)

Flush with songs that are both tender and touching, Earworm is not only perfect for the young folks of the household, but their parents as well. Those looking for a set of songs they can share with their kids and enjoy on their own ought to look no further.”

     - Lee Zimmerman, Stories Beyond the Music

"He demonstrates his versatility in roots music, including blues, bluegrass, African-American string band, and chant; with some rock, pop, and jazz as well. A wonderful and quirky album that is fun for the whole family."

     ~ BookwormBev

Using real musicians who can really play, the songs are educational and FUN! And yes these tunes DO stick in your head.

     ~ Jason Ringenberg (aka Farmer Jason) 

"You'll be finger snapping and toe tapping to the energetic beats of Sean McCollough's new kindie album EARWORM. Kindie music merges artists' adult sensibilities and performance styles with family-friendly themes meant to entertain and educate children. EARWORM blends McCollough's Appalachian folk music with mainstream pop sounds to create stick-in-your head rootsy tunes full of positive messaging."

     ~ A Geek Daddy Blog

"Radio show host and songwriter Sean McCollough presents Earworm, a family-friendly album of delightful, folk-style music. The music lives up to the album's title, which refers to songs so intensely catchy, they wormed their way right into the listener's ear! Highly recommended."

     ~ Midwest Book Review

"Sean McCollough has long been one of my favorite people in kids' music, and this much-anticipated album has been worth the wait. The songs on Earworm are full of fun and heart, about things that kids and adults will relate to (personally, I wish I couldn't relate so strongly to "Carsick"!) From the majesty of "Sunsphere" to the simplicity of "Rag Doll," this whole album is full of earworms I love having stuck in my head!" 

     ~ "Miss Lynn" Hickernell, kids' music-maker and host of "The Good Words" Podcast


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