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 "Prepare for a wonderful new addition to the soundtrack of your family’s life!"

- Billy Jonas

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Featuring Mac Comer

Kidstuff Live at the WDVX Studios, 301 South Gay Street, Knoxville, TN



Featuring Buffalo Fiasco

Kidstuff Live at the WDVX Studios, 301 South Gay Street, Knoxville, TN



Performance with Campbell County Students

Louie Bluie Festival, Cove Lake State Park, Caryville, TN

I will be doing a residency this month with grades 2-5 at Wynn Elementary School and will be teaching them about the music of Howard "Louie Bluie" Armstrong. They will then perform with me at the festival. 

Free - donations accepted.


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Radio show host and songwriter Sean McCollough 's new album Earworm, his third album of songs for kids and their grownups, features 13 stick-in-your-head original and cover songs, Earworm features guests including Billy Jonas, Molly Ledford, members of The Lonetones and the Kidstuff Singers.


McCollough, a fixture in the Appalachian folk and Americana scenes and a University of Tennessee music professor, is well known around Knoxville for his music, radio show and festival presentations. His 2010 album This Is Our House won a Parents’ Choice Award. His vocals, once described as “deep and sultry,” sound warm and jaunty on these tracks. The thoughtful lyrics and a variety of sounds are often enhanced with a bright chorus of children’s voices.


PRESS CONTACT: Beth Blenz-Clucas, Sugar Mountain PR (503) 293-9498, 



1. Earworm 3:40

2. All Kinds of Singing 1:40

3. Sunsphere (featuring Molly Ledford) 3:32

4. ABC (The Writing Song) 2:59

5. Her Name Was Lady 3:27

6. Don't Let 'Em Get Yer Goat 3:23

7. Fuzzy Brown Vine (aka Poison Ivy) 3:11

8. Rag Doll 3:25

9. Carsick 2:54

10. Green Means Go (featuring Billy Jonas) 3:28

11. Let's Give a Party 2:40

12. Kidstuff Theme Song 3:14

13. Big Ears 6:15